Battery Storage for Solar Power

Gone are the days when solar battery storage was for only emergencies. The acceleration of technology has enable battery storage to play an essential role in expanding the effectiveness and usefulness of solar energy in the home and for businesses.

In the home, battery storage can allow homeowners to be completely independent from the power grid, powering the household in non-daylight hours and recharging when the sun is out. And for commercial applications big and small, a battery system can do the same, while also offsetting the cost of drawing power from the grid when there are surges in electricity need.

Residential Solar Power Battery Storage

When battery storage is coupled with a smart solar power system, your home can function independently from the grid – supplying critical loads when needed while the grid becomes a backup.

During the day, the sun powers your home and recharges your battery setup. Then, at night, your battery system supplies electricity to your house, and you have sustainable, clean, inexpensive energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Commercial Solar Power Battery Storage

With a battery storage system for a commercial solar power system, businesses are ready for anything – emergency backup, offsetting electric use spikes, and power usage when the sun is still down but your business is still running. 

You pay less in electricity use over the course your entire day, not just when the sun is up.