ChargeHub Benefits

Rapid Deployment

Typical charging station design requires long lead times to upgrade electrical infrastructure to support the increased electrical load and for the substantial site work involved in digging trenches that also requires careful coordination with multiple specialist contractors. All of this requires engineers to draw plans, obtain city permits and finally conduct multiple inspections.

Chargehub minimizes and in some cases eliminates these roadblocks reducing the install time from months to days.


All you need comes in a box: The panels, wiring, conduit v-rated for the large electrical load, pedestals and charging stations. We can deliver it to the desired location for your team to deploy or One of our teams will arrive to fully install, configure and test the system and hand over the keys to your facilities manager within days of delivery

Chargehub minimizes and in some cases eliminates these roadblocks reducing the install time from months to days.

Plug and Play

At the heart of the Chargehub design philosophy is that to make the system rapidly deployable and future proofed, it is essential that it’s not just easy for us to assemble, but that that most facilities staff can add or upgrade stations without expert electrical knowledge or qualifications. This also makes it easy to service equipment by enabling returns and exchanges to charging station manufacturers should that be necessary.

Future Proofed

Whichever package you start with, every Chargehub is set up and ready to easily expand to meet your increased demand for EV charging – whether that’s from your employees, fleet vehicles, customers or combination of all of them. All of the electrical system is designed to support up to 20 EVs.

Reduced Installation Costs

Chargehub significantly reduces the soft costs associated with installing charging stations in the following areas:

  • Planning
  • Permitting
  • Excavating subcontractors
  • Paving
  • Concrete
  • Landscaping
  • Electricians
  • Disruption to business operations

Chargehub also significantly reduces the hardcosts of upgrading electrical infrastructure to support the increased electrical load. Furthermore, with our future proofed, modular system, you can simply add stations over time with plug and play. So, you get substantial up front savings and the savings grow as you expand.

No Trenching Required

Digging up parking lots is expensive, time consuming and can be highly disruptive to your business operations. Customers may wonder if you are “open for business” and it requires significant lost parking space, Noise and dust from jackhammering and concrete cutting is never conducive to normal business operations.

Also, any time an excavator has to trench it creates a liability – Digsafe can only identify limited underground utilities and there are often buried pipes and wires that can be damaged.

Low Environmental Impact

Trenching and excavating for pad construction requires environmental controls to prevent run off during rain and dust mitigation when it’s dry. Mature landscaping and trees can be uprooted or irreparably damaged and land can be subject to erosion until natural cover is restored.

Chargehub is designed to avoid damage to the landscape by minimizing excavation work.

Easy servicing

Typically, charging stations require trained personnel to be dispatched to the site – this is a time consuming and inefficient use of the manufacturer’s resources and is consequently expensive and can lead to lengthy equipment downtimes. With Chargehub’s Plug and Play feature, your facilities maintenance staff can simply unplug the station, remove a few screws and exchange the station for a new one under warranty.

Fleet Ready

Chargehub is made for fleet support. With the plug and play expansion modules, you simply add stations as you add vehicles. All of the stations and software will easily integrate with our (or your) OCPP software so you can seamlessly manage charging with the new fleet vehicles. 

We have expansion modules in stock and can install them on the day of delivery.

Please click here for more information on our fleet software support.

Wide Choice of Smart EV Charging Stations

Chargehub comes standard with our smart, wireless cloud connected stations. These are level 2 stations (we can also offer Level 3 DC fast charging – please ask for more information) delivering an industry standard 7kW or about 25 miles of range per hour (up to 250 miles for a 10 hour overnight charge).

These stations are compatible with all OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) cloud-based network operators. We can either configure them on our software or integrate them with your existing OCPP network provider. We can also work with you to select other charging stations that you prefer. We work with the following manufacturers:

  • Level 2
  • EV Box
  • BTCPower
  • Leviton
  • Siemens

Universal compatibility/ Open (OCPP) standard management software

We’ve designed ChargeHub to be completely compatible with all OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) cloud-based network operators. We can either configure them on our software or integrate them with your existing OCPP network provider. We will also work with you to select the charging stations that you work best for you and your goals.

Lighting offers safety & security

Chargehub is designed to offer the EV driver a VIP experience and as part of that, it offers a bright environment all around the vehicle and at the station, creating a safe and secure environment. It also draws attention to your commitment to clean energy transportation and will entice employees and customers to want to drive clean! Chargehub can even be configured to run all lighting off of solar power!


Chargehub has been designed from the ground up to be rapid deployment for military use. The military demand equipment that can be securely shipped around the globe. Chargehub offers the ability to cost effectively test charging station deployment at one location and while still having the option to move it to another.

For example, your company needs to rapidly add charging for fleet vehicles at another location. Either your team or ours can quickly disassemble Chargehub, pack it up (most of the components fit inside the base unit) and safely ship it and reassemble it at the new location.


All of Chargehub is built tough. Designed originally for the US military to ship around the world to be rapidly assembled, disassembled and shipped onto multiple bases, every component in the Chargehub will put up with repeated heavy-duty usage.

*All electrical equipment is UL rated and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Branding Opportunity

Chargehub is your blank canvas to share your corporate branding message to employees and the public.  We can custom wrap it however you like. We have templates ready to go to minimize time and cost. We invite your marketing department to work with our designers and they will provide life like renderings of how Chargehub will look on your property.

24/7 Customer support

All of our stations are networked via the cloud and we are notified any time a station is offline for more than 4 hours. We can remotely troubleshoot them. We also have the ability to simply send out a new station that is pre-configured and ready to be plug-and-play installed without the need for an electrician.