Advanced Microgrid systems for Energy Security

Microgrids – localized systems of energy resources that can be connected to or isolated from the traditional power grid – can provide reliability and energy security 24/7, especially when other power resources may be unreliable or untenable.

EV LaunchPad’s microgrid systems are custom-engineered for each goal, and include:

  • Onsite solar power generation
  • Onsite battery storage
  • Localized and mobile management of the microgrid
  • Fully integrated installation and optimized performance
  • A flexible, scalable microgrid control platform with island-mode capability
  • Comprehensive energy conservation and load reduction measures

Benefits of a Microgrid

Microgrids can solve a great many energy challenges, and installation of a microgrid can benefit you with:

  • Energy security by providing better resiliency and redundancy
  • Flexible energy use and sources
  • Improved power quality
  • Optimization for the economics of the local energy market
  • Maximization of use of distributed energy resources