Introducing the PowerBase

Future proofed, turnkey mounting solutions.

Save time, Save money, Charge more EVs.

The PowerBase was born out of our frustration that no mounting system existed that offered much more than….hold up the EV station. None had integrated cable retractors and none were visually attractive. 

Recognizing that property owners wanted to take advantage of the market’s many OCPP hardware and network options now available, we wanted to offer a solution that was easy and inexpensive to install and maintain while providing the best charging experience to the EV driver.

The PowerBase incorporates all of the cost saving lessons we have learned over many years installing and maintaining charging stations. It saves time, saves money and allows more EVs to charge!

PowerBase Benefits

Serve up to 4 EVs from one pedestal

One concrete footing saves significantly on installation cost, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes charger availability. Choose 2 stations now and future proof for 4 later.

Single circuit 100-200 Amp / 208-240 Volt

Industry first: Avoid costly electric room upgrades or using up circuit breaker space and running multiple circuits in conduit that needs to be de-rated. Our unique single circuit design saves you panel space and big time on installation costs.

Plug and play future proof system

Industry first: As technology and your future needs change our plug and play system allows you to easily change your charging controllers without needing a licensed electrician.  Simply unplug your Level 2 charger and plug in the new one. Also, makes it possible to exchange with the manufacturer by freight service with minimal downtime and no need to wait for qualified service personnel.

Compatible mounting for all level 2 stations

Simple and rock solid mounting provides maximum flexibility for choosing the best charging hardware for your needs and budget. Mount either simple ‘plug and charge’ or OCPP cloud networked hardware to enable payment processing and charge session management. With our Plug and Play system it’s easy to upgrade at anytime without calling out an electrician.

Individual circuit breakers for each charger

Industry first: If a circuit trips, no need to run around and find the main electric room to check out the branch circuit breakers. Our branch circuit breakers are mounted in the tower for ease of operation and service without needing special access or wasting time walking to remote, locked electrical rooms.

OSHA Lock Out - Tag Out compliant

Industry first: Having the OSHA compliant service disconnects built into the Power Tower is another feature that saves time and money on service calls while providing the maximum safety for service technicians.

"Easy Glide" weighted retractors

Automatic cable retractors are essential for keeping cords safe and clean and minimizing trip hazards. Our “Easy glide” retractors are weighted to be ADA compliant. Spring loaded mechanisms can be hard to pull. Our Easy Glide system offers smooth operation with long lasting reliability. The Easy Glide system is easily serviced and custom retractor weights are available. Our retractors are integrated inside offering the cleanest cord management and hands down the best quad port mounting system available.

Durable polished aluminum

Industry first: No painting, no power coating, no rust!  Made from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, our exterior aluminum surfaces are polished to a beautiful mirror finish that is maintenance-free and remains great looking for a long time. It can be restored to its original finish at any time with our refinishing kit.


Low energy power consumption LED adds custom accent lighting. Make your investment in clean and sustainable energy standout while making the stations secure, locatable and easy to use in the dark. Can be easily customized for private labeling and charger instructions.

5 year Limited warranty

All exterior PowerBase components are free of defects and workmanship