Clean Residential Solar Power for you

Get clean electricity for less with a residential solar power system from EV LaunchPad. With a solar power system designed and optimized for your home, you’ll be able to generate your own home’s electricity whenever the sun is out. Use your own power to run your household needs, export it to the grid, or save it up in one of our battery storage systems to use when and how you need it.

Benefits of Residential Solar Power Systems

There are a lot of benefits to “going solar”, but the main ones we hear from clients are: 

  • Lower cost for electricity – even with the cost for the system, the overall cost for you to produce and manage your own electricity with solar is lower than getting it from the grid. There may are even tax breaks, depending on where, when, and what you install
  • Good for the environment – reduce your carbon footprint by not using electricity produced by coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear power
  • Energy independence and a reduced reliance on the power grid – you’ll reduce the load on the power grid, and provide peace of mind for your own needs
  • Return on your investment – a solar power system increases your home’s value in more ways than one, by providing an added feature AND lowering the cost of ownership