Commercial Solar Power

A commercial solar power system from EV LaunchPad. It’s a good move for your bottom line, and a good move for the environment. EV LaunchPad can custom design and install the best configuration for your business or organization, and you’ll be generating solar energy and saving money in no time.

By installing a solar power system, you’re lower your electricity rate for years while getting a favorable return on the investment you’ve made. And since commercial installation has dropped year over year, setting your business up for solar is no longer depending on the size or your organization. Big or small, all businesses can invest in solar installations that generate big savings.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Power Systems

There are a lot of benefits to “going solar”, but the main ones we hear from businesses that are investing in solar energy are: 

  • Lower cost for electricity – even with the cost for the system, the overall cost for your business to produce and manage its own electricity with solar is lower than buying it off the grid
  • Tax credits and other incentives – credits (like the the Investment Tax Credit and Solar Renewable Energy Credits) and other deductibles and incentives can offset the cost of installation considerable, further reducing the cost to power your business 
  • Make a powerful statement – by switching to solar (or increasing the amount of solar energy you use), you show your customers, constituents, and community that you leading the way in sustainability.
  • Make a positive impact on the environment – reduce your carbon footprint by not using electricity produced by coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear power
  • Energy independence and a reduced reliance on the power grid – you’ll reduce the load on the power grid, and provide peace of mind for your own businesses needs